Inertia and procrastination vs Persistent starting

Procrastination is one big game killer for me. Slacker, procrastinator, lazy are some of the words that are used to describe me. I won’t deny that they are pretty accurate descriptions of me.

I always had a huge inertia towards work — can’t quickly get into a mind frame for doing work. Instead of doing school work, I spend time surfing through Internet, trawling around in social network sites, playing online games, contributing to open source communities and many other time wasting schemes.


During one such time-wasting visit to the Internet, I picked up a neat little motivation tip — persistent starting — that helped me beat my inertia. Funnily enough, I found it on reddit, a place infamous for being a huge time sink. Let me quote Chyndonax’s comment for you:

It’s called persistent starting. Pick something you want to do but keep putting off. It can be anything. Tell yourself you’ll spend five minutes doing it and then quit after five minutes if you still don’t want to do it. After five minutes if you still want to quit then quit. No tricks or mind games. You won’t want to quit. What happens is the part of our brain that plans and carries out our day to day actions takes over our bodies and we just keep doing what we’re doing. Planning the next step, executing the current one. Autopilot in a way.

To put it simply, we start thinking about when we can start a task instead of thinking about when can finish it. This simple shift in mentality works wonders as you trick your mind to believing it has options and once you start on the task, that initial inertia against work is dealt with and you are now facing an inertia against not doing work. 🙂

This motivation tip, persistent starting, was part of the book The Now Habit by Neil Fiore. I’m yet to read the book but am confident it will be worthwhile.

Hope you find this little tip useful for boosting your productivity.

That one term – Procrastination

Procrastination. One thing no one would like to have. Or at least wish not to have. It is something more than just slacking around and wasting your time doing nothing. I believe it is way deeper than that and all we know so far is just simply superficial. This is because, on a closer examination, no one would ever want to intentionally waste his time with less or no productivity at all. It might be the circumstances, or the distractions you might think. Using peculiar terms dealing with personality, the person’s sociology and psychology has a good deal in determining his chance of not using his time productively.

Through productive usage of time, I try to focus on performing activities which supposedly occupy the highest priority of that person. On an ever-shrinking world, where time efficiency is highly guarded and hailed in all parts of the world, understanding human nature becomes an important necessity to great commercial successes of various firms. One need not have to do extensive research to understand that part!

So, I suggest a great way to deal with procrastination (or whatever word you want to refer to it, if you are uncomfortable calling it that way as you realize it morally pricks you for letting yourself down real bad), is to understand your own ambitions, interests and try to spend some precious little time with your inner self. If you can’t work yourself out, I doubt no one ever will be able to. For, there is no other way to compete with the outside world, if you can’t compete with yourself.

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