Back to how it used to be

People were out of their houses. They were on the streets. They were waiting. Waiting like restless kids wait for their school bells to ring so they can scoot home. Waiting like it was the first time their houses were being powered up.

And finally, the power was restored. A collective sigh of relief could be visibly felt and the people dropped their time-filling empty conversations with their neighbours and quickly returned to their honeycombs, with puzzling purpose.

And I connected to the Internet right away, unable to wait any longer.

Just like that, the struggles of the past three and a half days were forgotten and I was ready to live in the present, ready to live the now. Now, which was how it used to be.

Cyclone on the cards. It was raining, cool and windy. The perfect weather for sleeping and sleeping I did plenty. Just enough to pass the first day.

What to do on the second? Or the third? It was hard passing minutes for power-slaved people like me, who thrive on power for everything. Everything.

Running out of water and running out for water. Fridge becomes a glorified cupboard. Day ends when the sun sets. Daylight saving needs no reminding.

People were out of their houses. They were on the streets. In the queues for some water and hoping things will be back to how it used to be.

We were back to how it used to be.


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