A month of blogging – NaBloPoMo

Heyo. This time last year I was prepping myself to give a try at cracking NaNoWriMo. NaNoWriMo is a novel writing exercise for the weak-hearted who don’t quite have the drive to get started on writing a novel without external motivation. I tried my hand at it and I failed miserably. Going through whatever work I wrote last year, I realised I have plenty of things to learn and figure before I sincerely start on writing a novel.

So I thought maybe I should take it a little easy this year around, read more novels, learn the art of telling stories and generally keep myself interested in writing. Which lead me to NaBloPoMo — the event which I hope will persuade me to continue writing regularly on a schedule, help me improve on generating and incubating ideas as well as hone my writing skills.

So here I am, promising to post once every day (starting with this one) for the whole of November — that would be 30 posts in just a month and hopefully will be the change that reinvigorates this blog and my interest in blogging and writing.

I’ll mostly write about topics that I hope are worth thinking about a little and maybe discuss with some of you if possible. Do stick around for the month and we’ll have a jolly good time together, surely.

No kidding. Markdown support in WordPress

I was lazing through yet another evening on my favourite RSS reader1 and there it was. The one news that immediately made me shout Oh My GOD!!! right across the room2. Markdown is now finally supported as one of the formatting options for WordPress.com blogs.

The announcement not only made me shout but also forced me to come out of my self-imposed hiatus from blogging during the month of November. There were a couple reasons for the hiatus.

  1. I got my college semester exams going on3.
  2. Quite busy with Interactive Python class on Coursera.
  3. And most importantly, I am also involved in NaNoWriMO4.

But those reasons were notwithstanding to the announcement I have at my hands. It was enough to force me to temporarily suspend the hiatus and post my excitement away. Well, yes. That really is the extent of excitement that Markdown brings.


Markdown, for the currently unfortunate people who don’t know it yet, is a stripped down markup language intended to put the focus back on content instead of formatting and other trivial matters.

I have been a great fan of Markdown since the days I first started using it in the Stack Exchange network of sites. I immediately fell in love with it and went a little further and tweaked my configurations in Vim and Nano for Markdown syntax highlighting.

I’ll also let you in on a little secret: I use VimRepress for posting my blog articles through Vim — no goodies for guessing it has Markdown support. And now that WordPress.com finally has Markdown support, that Vim plugin might have to go. Good times VimRepress!

There were also times when I was tempted to switch over to the E-less blogging platform because of Markdown. I tided over that difficult period with VimRepress through. God bless Adrien Friggeri and Preston Masion for creating and recreating it. I didn’t yield to temptations and did not allow the devil to win. Yay me. And, seems like WordPress finally put the devil out of its job. Thanks WordPress!

Where were we again? Oh yes, Markdown. If you are one of those people who hasn’t heard of Markdown yet, please give it a try. You would totally be blown over by the ease of use.

And a quick note about footnotes. Markdown Extra made it painlessly easy to add footnotes and I got super excited and abused it to the maximum. Sorry about that!

  1. It used to be Google Reader and then they shut it down. Currently (and quite happily) residing on Digg Reader. 
  2. Luckily there were no one in the room. Could have been quite embarrassing. 
  3. I am in the midst of it actually. Studies can wait though, can’t it? 😉 
  4. That one seems harder than I had expected. Still not giving up yet. Got a whopping 10 days to go! 


The blogger’s day

I always thought I should not waste my time on writing a blog for myself. And I thought since I have a Twitter, which itself is a micro-blog, I don’t really require a blog. Contrary to my before-thoughts, having a Twitter has apparently accelerated my decision to blog. So, I officially welcome myself to the blogging community. I will try my best not to concentrate on one particular theme in this blog but to discuss most general things that happen to me on a day-to-day basis.

So, this initial blog would deal with my immediate cause of starting a blog. Writing about all of the causes can be easily deemed as exhaustive, counterproductive and rather time consuming. So, we shall just involve about the most immediate cause.

An article in Strait Times just enlightened me about the excitement involved in blogging — the end result is this blog. Moreover, some of my friends has been begging me for a while to have a blog. And a good number of real life friends have a blog and they are pretty fine with it. So, I thought I should get some experience in having a blog so I would have far more experience on how to make a rousing ‘auto-biography’.

Have fun reading my future blogs and reflecting on it!

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