Under a red moon

Under a jet stream of cold-air rather. I am so tired of sitting directly under an air-conditioner (stylishly shortened as air-con in the part of the world where I currently live). Lately, the air-con is totally stretching my patience and decreases my ability to last long spells of such cold-blooded torture. I am starting to hate the whole idea of having an air-con in the rooms. This might sound ironic to people who believe that the air-con helps to keep the temperature low in rooms, which are usually hot.

To be frank, I never hated the air-con and actually thought it to be a noble idea and a boon to people living in the equatorial areas. Until recently. Day after day, I am getting more vulnerable to normal and silly issues like common cold and running noses. Confirming my fears, the direct contact with the cold breeze from the air-con seem to have a skin-thwarting and nerve-wrecking effect on my body. A quick Google search regarding the case leads me to numerous scientific articles stating that extended exposure to cold and dry air from air-con does indeed reduce immunity to microbes, justifying my hatred towards air-cons.

What would work fine with me is to keep the air-con temperature slightly lower than the outside temperature. This is more reasonable than to lower the air-con temperature to the extreme low temperature possible. It is, after all, healthier and energy-efficient, helping to conserve energy and indirectly, help in keeping our mother Earth’s atmosphere greener.

It is not about her!

I am not talking about her, even though she almost never fails to impress me with her words and actions; although she always occupies all my thoughts; even when she deserves a permanent place in my heart; never mind that she actually captivated me at the first sight; regardless of the fact that she bamboozled me whenever I walked past her; who always attracts my attention despite all the distractions, just like two unlike magnetic poles attracted to each other or similar to a butterfly dancing in joy at the sight of a beautiful flower; who I always wish was around me whenever I feel lonely; who I wish motivates me and gets me going whenever I am down and out.

I am not describing her, who would be eternity if beauty was time; who would be infinity if life was just numbers. I am definitely not talking about her because she unfortunately never exists in reality. This is the best I can use hyperbole and exaggeration as of now due to time and resource constraints.

[Disclaimer: The character I am referring to in my blog post is purely imaginary and any coincidence with any living or dead is totally unintentional]


Vagueness. Lack of clarity in the work that the reader is unable to understand the intended message of that particular work. One should not confuse vagueness with ambiguity because ambiguity simply means there are more than one way of understanding the idea, which cannot be said of vagueness.

Actually, ambiguity opens a whole world of ways to interpret literary works. It lets the writer of that literature work to escape through the slightest of ways if in case his literary work is in the midst of controversies. This, unfortunately, has been the case in the recent times and hence, it becomes necessary to realize the actual potential and need to use this well-known and rather, well-utilized weapon of the writers. It may not be the best way to present someone’s idea as there is a strong possibility of misinterpretation of the actual core idea.

Usually, a writer would not indulge in ambiguity if he wants to strongly convince his readers. In such circumstances, the writer would generally spend time to remove or clarify all of his/her ambiguous thoughts and ideas. But, if the writer wants the readers to think creatively and out of the box or to fall out of the normal customs and traditions, ambiguity would easily qualify as the top choice as it is the easiest and the most effective literary feature to be executed to achieve the above-mentioned purpose.

So, if you don’t want to convey your meaning openly or are concerned about the reaction it might possibly result in, you can decorate your message with a  bit of ambiguity and hopefully, you can escape the feared trap. It is open to your creativity and imagination on why on earth am I talking about ambiguity but I have my own explanations to support my stance.

Many a times than not, when I am criticizing someone (usually a higher authority), I tend to use my rather ambiguous arguments (they aren’t really pre-determined) to good effect and luckily, escape from the grave danger of rather fearsome consequences for challenging the authority. One should understand the circumstances and should decide whether they should have to be ambiguous or not, because in this world, ambiguity is no longer frowned upon!

And, by the way, it is up to you to decide whether this post is vague or ambiguous!

That one term – Procrastination

Procrastination. One thing no one would like to have. Or at least wish not to have. It is something more than just slacking around and wasting your time doing nothing. I believe it is way deeper than that and all we know so far is just simply superficial. This is because, on a closer examination, no one would ever want to intentionally waste his time with less or no productivity at all. It might be the circumstances, or the distractions you might think. Using peculiar terms dealing with personality, the person’s sociology and psychology has a good deal in determining his chance of not using his time productively.

Through productive usage of time, I try to focus on performing activities which supposedly occupy the highest priority of that person. On an ever-shrinking world, where time efficiency is highly guarded and hailed in all parts of the world, understanding human nature becomes an important necessity to great commercial successes of various firms. One need not have to do extensive research to understand that part!

So, I suggest a great way to deal with procrastination (or whatever word you want to refer to it, if you are uncomfortable calling it that way as you realize it morally pricks you for letting yourself down real bad), is to understand your own ambitions, interests and try to spend some precious little time with your inner self. If you can’t work yourself out, I doubt no one ever will be able to. For, there is no other way to compete with the outside world, if you can’t compete with yourself.

The blogger’s day

I always thought I should not waste my time on writing a blog for myself. And I thought since I have a Twitter, which itself is a micro-blog, I don’t really require a blog. Contrary to my before-thoughts, having a Twitter has apparently accelerated my decision to blog. So, I officially welcome myself to the blogging community. I will try my best not to concentrate on one particular theme in this blog but to discuss most general things that happen to me on a day-to-day basis.

So, this initial blog would deal with my immediate cause of starting a blog. Writing about all of the causes can be easily deemed as exhaustive, counterproductive and rather time consuming. So, we shall just involve about the most immediate cause.

An article in Strait Times just enlightened me about the excitement involved in blogging — the end result is this blog. Moreover, some of my friends has been begging me for a while to have a blog. And a good number of real life friends have a blog and they are pretty fine with it. So, I thought I should get some experience in having a blog so I would have far more experience on how to make a rousing ‘auto-biography’.

Have fun reading my future blogs and reflecting on it!

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