The kind, cruel eyes

The kind eyes, the cruel eyes, kind and cruel —
The kind eyes make you warm and calm and
The cruel eyes steal your breath away,
Causing distraught and wreaking havoc at ease.

Explicit in its subtlety and irresistible deliberately,
The eyes that know why they exist. Purposeful eyes
Trained to lure the uninitiated into a cynical trance;
To suck the soul out of the hapless stuffings that remain.

The enigmatic hazel browns are rolling around,
Forcing me into a vocabulary enhancing session:
Elegant, exotic, exquisite and extraordinaire.

The kind, cruel eyes visit me in every dream and daydream,
Wanting to eat me alive, only me all too willing.
‘Stop doing this to yourself’ I hear myself begging me but
The mindless drone doesn’t care, stealing another glimpse.

The kind eyes, the cruel eyes, kind and cruel —
Cruel they may be as they tease and tantalise but
Kind enough not to leave me for dead,
Putting me in a deep slumber, finally at ease.


‘Tis but a heartache

So many tears were shed
Making my eyes go red.
Lying and crying on my bed;
My love is plenty close to being dead.

My precious time was spent
Writing letters that remain unsent.
I let her reside in my heart for no rent —
Apparently it seems, nothing was ever meant.

I would travel a thousand mile
To see that pretty smile.
As much as it sounds juvenile,
I knew it was worthwhile.

My feelings were far from fake
As it wasn’t love for love sake.
And now this is all I take —
‘Tis but a heartache.

My Mona Lisa

My heart might be playing a game on me.
Of course though, there is no real way to tell for sure.
Never before have I felt such supreme joy.
“Indeed”, my heart added, “she is a real beauty”.

Smiles that can’t be described aptly with words;
Heavenly feels too much of an understatement.
Awestruck I am since my eyes were laid on her
And I still can’t comprehend how lucky I am.

Mornings and she is the first thing on my mind;
Yearning to see her over and over again.

My days don’t feel complete until I can have glance of her.
One of these days, I am gonna tell her what I feel.
Nights crawl like a snail as her thoughts disturb me
And days in a jiffy as my eyes are fixated on her.

‘Love is a silly game’, I used to tell myself.
It was a foolish thing to say, now I know.
Scared of a ‘No’, afraid of a ‘Yes’, because
Angelic and perfect, that’s what she really is.

Long lost love

She packed her bags
And left my heart;
And made it hollow.
It’s now filled with sorrow.

Every beautiful thing
Reminds me of her;
Every thing that reminds me
Of her are beautiful too.

My clock ticks so slowly
And I feel so lonely.
Whom to blame?
‘Tis such a shame.

I wish this was a dream
And I jolt awake soon.
Ever heard my midnight scream?
The pain is ‘nough to make me swoon.
This long lost love is such a scare —
Wishing all of it was a nightmare.

Give me a chance

I wish I could tell
Everything that I feel.
Now tell me honey,
Where did I wrong you?

Listen to my heart —
I am telling you why.
Listen to my heart —
Please just don’t say goodbye.
Listen to my heart —
You are my everything.

Give me a chance, dear;
A fighting chance that I can fancy
And you would never ever regret.
Just give me a chance.

I stare at the sky
And count all the stars;
Hoping one of them
Can change your good mind.

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