Ubuntu member, finally!

Just to break the news to everyone, I am now an Ubuntu member! It is some kind of a pleasant surprise that I actually managed to become an Ubuntu member within 12 months of actually switching to Ubuntu full time. I mean, who would have expected this thing to happen so fast?

Anyway, being part of the Ubuntu means I knew I would become an Ubuntu member one day. It was a matter of when and not if. In any case, I am not trying to demean the idea of Ubuntu membership. I am just saying that it is a nice gesture of showing appreciation towards people who contribute selflessly towards Ubuntu. To be frank, Ubuntu membership was something that was in the back of my mind when I was answering questions on Ask Ubuntu or when I was translating strings into Tamil.

Time to show some appreciation to people who helped me in the entire process of me becoming a member.

  • Hrishi O.A. – Thank you for showing me that there is a better OS than Windows.
  • The writers at OMG!Ubuntu! – Thank you for bringing the news about the Ubuntu world every day possible. It should be mentioned that, during the early days of me adopting Ubuntu, the regular updates got me hooked onto Ubuntu really fast.
  • Conscioususer – The man who is behind the awesome green bird and the developer of Polly, the Twitter client. He is probably one of the first few from the greater Ubuntu community that I got contact with and he inspired me to contribute back to the community.
  • Ask Ubuntu community – Thank you for being so accommodative. It should be mentioned that the majority of my contributions was in Ask Ubuntu and that would not have been possible if not for the friendly community at Ask Ubuntu.
  • Ubuntu Tamil translators community – I will be doing no one a favour if I didn’t mention how the Tamil translators helped me contribute back to Ubuntu. First of all, thank you for accepting my request to join the translators’ team at Launchpad.net. Thank you again for listening to all of my feedback and replying when necessary. That acted more than a mere encouragement would possibly do.
  • Amith KK, Alan Pope – Thank you for turning up during the meeting and mincing generous words towards my application. I am sure it helped a great deal in convincing the council and letting my application hold a better chance at getting approved.
  • James Gifford, Octavian Damien, Thomas Ward – Thank you for being generous with the words and leaving awesome testimonials on my membership application. What makes it even more special is that you left them voluntarily without me asking for them, which shows your bigheartedness and generosity. I vaguely remember someone remarking that they were some of the best testimonials to ever have. So, a big thank you for that.
  • Roland Taylor – Thank you for letting me contribute content at 2buntu.com. I can go on being lyrical about your numerous other helpful contributions, but I do realize that you are a very humble person. So, I am going to stop right here. 🙂
  • dpm – Thank you for being very patient with me. I realize that I have been annoying on more than just a couple of occasions and I appreciate that you have been as calm as ever and guiding me along as you see fit.
  • dholbach – Thank you for making me feel comfortable in #ubuntu–motu and being helpful whenever I ran into doubts (which was almost every time) regarding fixing bugs in Ubuntu and other development related things. I promise to contribute in Ubuntu development again when I get some more free time.
  • Laura Czajkowski – Thanks a bunch for helping me with the bulletin points on my application. And, thanks for being part of the council that approved my application.
  • destine, head_victim and elky – It is very easy to miss the last group of people who actually approved my application. Thanks for noticing my contribution towards Ubuntu and appreciating just that by approving my application. I would like to buy you drinks if we were ever to meet again in person. 🙂
  • If I did not mention your name in the long list of people above, it doesn’t mean that I don’t appreciate your help. I hope you understand that I am tired after a long day at college today and I am still feeling too ecstatic about the whole thing.

And, some things to entice the readers, who might have some interest in becoming an Ubuntu member someday. I now have a nice at ubuntu dot com email address and an IRC cloak at irc.freenode.net. I am sure that is enough of an awesome deal. 🙂

If you want to know what actually happened during the membership meeting, feel free to go through the IRC log and make fun of my numerous mumblings. Or, well, if you want to know how I made my contributions to Ubuntu, you can take a look at my wiki page.


Vacations are over…

I managed to spend a good 6 weeks in the comforts of my home. Now that the holidays are over, I have travelled back to Singapore to finish off the last year of my junior college education. The first two weeks have went off quite well without much of a trouble and I am hoping that it pretty much stays that way until the very end of the year. After all, the last year is supposedly the toughest one to conquer, right?

I am done with my first IB exam!

Thought I would share some good news with you all. For the sake of some much needed context, I am currently in the second year of a two year diploma course of the name International Baccaulaurate Diploma Programme, shortened IBDP. As part of the diploma course, I had to offer Tamil B as one of the subjects and since Tamil B is just an one year course, I got on to take it at the end of the first year as an anticipated subject.

Meaning that, whatever I get as a result of this would be added on to my final grades at the end of the diploma course (that is if I managed to clear all the passing criteria). Basically, I was just hoping that I would manage to get the maximum 7 points that are on offer and luckily, I was able to get exactly that. That means, I would have to worry about one less subject this year and that can never be bad, just to let you know.

Finally, I am home for the vacations!

It has been nearly 10 months since I left my home to continue my studies. Those 10 months were completed rather satisfactorily. Now that the school academic year was successfully completed and the vacations have started, I undertook a cross-country journey across the Indian Ocean back to my home.

So, finally, I am home for the vacations! It feels great to be in the comforts of my home. Another one month of holidays to spend here before I move back to continue my studies. Until then, time to have some fun!

An open letter to my dear roommate(s)!

Dear roommate(s) for the past two years,

Thanks for being so awesome. I have never expected in the wildest of dreams to have such caring, friendly and lovely roommate(s) like you. I really appreciated it whenever you made sure I don’t fall asleep by banging the door close so loud that I woke up from the deepest slumber I could muster in spite of the stressful and taxing life we all go through during our high school academic life. I also liked how you showcased your music performance skills by happily playing your electric guitar with the amplifier just short of full blast. Regardless of whether I am busy with my work or I am sleeping. And whenever you played those favourite songs of yours (whether they are actually good or not is another story) loud on the laptop speaker, I only thought you were too busy or poor to buy yourself a headphone and use it. To round-up, I was simply mesmerized by most, if not all, of your antics.

Sorry for the excessive sarcasm. I know you don’t like me and because of that, I didn’t feel obliged to like you either. But, that never forced me into hating you either. I don’t know how you managed to miss that part out. May be (pure speculation), you never developed the art of thinking critically. If that speculation is actually true, that would explain most of your kindergarten kid-like behaviour!

When you complained to the hall mistress about me last time, I kept quiet expecting the overly pampered kid will eventually be catapulted to the reality. But, you continued to disappoint me and refused to grow up. With you wearing your arrogance like those Prada sunglasses, I had no other choice but to make it a point by writing this blog post. Day-by-day, my usually pretty tolerant self started to lose its temper and I just couldn’t take your nonsense anymore. Even when your insults drove me to depression, I still made sure that I held back my tongue. After all, I thought, if I were to do to you what you did (and still doing) to me, there won’t be any difference between you and me. But, telling you that you should be ashamed of your deeds is like throwing a small pebble in one of the thousand waves of a mighty ocean. In other words, it is not worthy of the effort. So, I shall stop short of that.

Only time will tell, if we would ever meet up again in the future. But, I am not really sure if you might have learnt the hard truth that you are yet to grow up to meet the several outlying and cruelly excruciating lessons of life. Many thanks to you, I did learn those lessons and probably the only best thing you managed to provide me. Some day, you should learn those lessons too. Who knows, they might be really helpful in the future.

And, since you did take your creative license loosely to paint me as a villain among your friends, something which I really wasn’t, I understand that I too can do the same. So, don’t get mad. You do know that most of the things said above are hard truth.

Oh dear exams!

Time and again, we students all have to endure with the amusing nuisance called exams. My immense dislike towards exams can never be articulated enough. Such is the amount of discomfort I go through during every exam period.

But, of late, even after finishing my exams, I am still feeling overwhelmingly uncomfortable, no thanks to the results that are going to be released after the latest set of exams. Looking back, it seems like I have no one else other than myself to blame for being in this state. If only I had put in a bit more effort, if only I had bothered to look into the consequences of my acts of stupidity, I think I wouldn’t be in such a state of bother. Sometimes, I feel like I have actually left myself down.

One thing that currently keeps me going is this quote:

When the going gets tough, the tough gets going.

How amazingly put to describe the volatility of human nature.

Enough of side tracking. I just have one request to the exams. Please stop coming back to haunt my peaceful life. If you don’t accede to this request, at least stop being an wild beast who refuses to be tamed. I mean, no matter how many times I slay you, you keep coming back wanting to seek revenge and that is not going down well with me. I hope you really understand my situation. And please do convey this message to your big brother result slip and ask him to be gentle with me. For I have almost no strength to deal with you like before.

To end this solemn post with a positive note, I have something to share that has been playing on the back of my mind for quite some time:

For exams may come and exams may go,
But I go on for ever.

If you can recognize, it is indeed the modified lines of the famous poem ‘The Brook‘ by Alfred L. Tennyson that I had to memorize once before to write down for an English exam. Such is life.

What really happened on my birthday?

So, if you had read my other post about the unsurprising part of my birthday, you might want to check this post about the cool thing that actually happened to happen on my birthday.

OK. I am just kidding. There wasn’t any cool thing that happened. But it was, at the very least, an interesting development that I never saw it coming.

It wasn’t the best day as I had exam on the day and I had another one to come the following day as well, which made sure that I was kept busy throughout the day. But, something was to happen, which managed to brighten the rest of the day that was remaining.

My senior Aravindh and my junior Vinith called me out of my hall and I wasn’t too sure what was about to happen. Surely, it can’t be something too surprising I thought. When I just got out of my hall, they were standing with a big grin in their faces. With a mysterious gift box in their hands. As none of us were really interested in building up the suspense and hence, they handed me that mysterious gift box and a birthday card. I have to note that the gift box was well wrapped and packaged! Inside the gift box was a nice little porcelain cup with the words ‘Happy birthday’ and a lot of other colourful candles painted on it. And the birthday card was really brimming with advice. I wish I can share those advices but they weren’t jotted down in English and I am just too lazy to translate it.

Who wouldn’t stop smiling when they get such an awesome gift on their birthday?

I can only wish that by next year, my birthday would be equally awesome, if not more and something really interesting and impressive to look forward to and cherish just like this year.

That cursed number called Eighteen

If you are wondering what this title is referring to, think again. Chances are that you already know what this blog post is going to be about. After all, what would the number eighteen really mean? Other than that special annual event that whizzes past in everyone’s lives, what would it really be?.

Yes, you are absolutely right. Last October 4 was my 18th birthday. To be frank, I had almost forgotten that it was actually my birthday that day (that night rather), no thanks to the final year examinations that is currently going on. For a full 3 minutes after the midnight had struck, I had absolutely no idea that it was my birthday. Until my good friend Prashanth called to congratulate me. Just then it actually struck me that it was my 18th birthday and I should be celebrating it like a mad man (Any reference to the American drama series Mad Men is purely coincidental and was never really intended).

As the day went past, I thought it is going to be the most uneventful birthday I ever had. Hardly anything noteworthy happened to interest or impress me for the best part of the day. Luckily, when the day came to an end, that wasn’t the case.

More on that in the next post. Keep your fingers crossed. 🙂

Exams are coming!

That time of the year, where exams get people crazy. Not just students, but the teachers and parents too. Anyway, within two weeks, my final year exams would have commenced. I am fretting over the exams like never before. Two major reasons: This is my promos and I haven’t adequately prepared for it. I know I should have, but I didn’t. I just hope I don’t make a royal mess in the exams and everything goes fine. I know I should be spending my time preparing for the exams right now. But, it doesn’t hurt to waste a couple more minutes. Or hours. Heh. :/

And I have lots of things planned in my mind that I want to do after the exams. But, the problem is I have to finish off the exams before that. That is the bummer. I will post some more updates after the exams. Keeping my fingers crossed until then.

Broken screen: Mystery solved

Why my blog has been relatively quiet around a while ago can possibly be explained by this rather interesting development. I hope you will have a good read and like the incident or would I have to say accident.

One great event in the month of May other than the trip to Nepal, which was covered in an earlier blog post, is the wrecking of my laptop screen. The string of events leading to this disaster might not be very eventful. Nevertheless, it is amusing. At least to me. Let me narrate the events on that dreadful night:

I had my laptop in the study room, which is two floors below my room. I went to collect my clothes from the laundry, which is in the same level as the study room and I would say it is a quite huge pile of clothes. I am sure by now, most of you would have a mild idea of what would have possibly happened after this. Anyway, I was pretty lazy that night and I decided to carry both the mount of clothes and the laptop in a single go. That is not the best part. Something very crucial and important did not strike me that night. That I am going to break the laptop screen. I put my mouse on the keyboard and partially closed the lid. So, that means the mouse is in between the keyboard and the screen. Over which I am going to place the huge pile of clothes and carry it to my room which is two floors above. During which I heard a slight cracking sound and I thought it was the mouse getting crushed by the heavy clothes mount.

So, I took my time to remove the mouse from in between the lid and the keyboard thinking the mouse probably got cracked somewhere. Just when I reached my room and flipped open the lid did I realize the calamity that has just struck me. I realized what a stupid blunder I have just committed. I knew it is going to cost me a couple of hundreds of dollars to fix the broken screen and I really needed a laptop to finish off all my homeworks and assignments for the next week. It was a crucial week in school curriculum actually. Somehow, I managed to last that whole week. I am still not sure how it actually went. Borrowing laptops from friends and using public computers. It was rather tedious but I didn’t have any choice.

The all famous broken screen

It is not like the laptop is totally useless after the screen was broken. I could still use a quarter of the screen albeit in inverted colours. Though the colour-bleached screen was very hard on my eyes. Eventually I got my laptop screen replaced, but only after shelling out a good lump of money. That too only after almost an entire month.

The working quarter filled with Google Chrome browser.


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