The word “interesting”

Interesting is a colourless word. If I say something was interesting, it probably means I have nothing to really talk about it. It could mean I was barely impressed. It has joined the laundry list of words that give absolutely nothing away to the listeners. And yet, it’s been used all over the place, from describing a person and their character to commenting on a new film and what not. Frankly speaking, you can spot the word in places where one voices their opinions.

For what its worth, “interesting” could very well be a synonym for boring. It has been misused and overused to the point that the word has lost all of its true meaning. These days, it has been limited to just a filler word, the word you use to cover up the awkward pause as you try to think of something interesting to say to others.

Calvin calls it ‘interesting times’ but he doesn’t really mean it. Now, if only we had accurate words to exactly express what we feel. Oh wait.

As has been the case always, someone has already felt the same pain as mine, ranted about it and did a good job at it too. Let me present to you Rick Manelius’ “Interesting” is a Boring, Overused, and Lifeless Word:

It’s overused because it’s become a go-to filler word when we become too lazy to use something more precise. It’s misused because we often hide behind it instead of saying what we truly think and feel.

And that’s simply the truth. There are enough alternatives that can do a better job than what ‘interesting’ is doing. So maybe we should vow to stop using ‘interesting’ as much as possible and use words that are more revealing (not in a risque manner, mind you). That should be one neat trick for improving your vocabulary too!


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