My Mona Lisa

My heart might be playing a game on me.
Of course though, there is no real way to tell for sure.
Never before have I felt such supreme joy.
“Indeed”, my heart added, “she is a real beauty”.

Smiles that can’t be described aptly with words;
Heavenly feels too much of an understatement.
Awestruck I am since my eyes were laid on her
And I still can’t comprehend how lucky I am.

Mornings and she is the first thing on my mind;
Yearning to see her over and over again.

My days don’t feel complete until I can have glance of her.
One of these days, I am gonna tell her what I feel.
Nights crawl like a snail as her thoughts disturb me
And days in a jiffy as my eyes are fixated on her.

‘Love is a silly game’, I used to tell myself.
It was a foolish thing to say, now I know.
Scared of a ‘No’, afraid of a ‘Yes’, because
Angelic and perfect, that’s what she really is.


Author: jokerdino

Ubuntu member. Ask Ubuntu moderator.

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