‘Tis but a heartache

So many tears were shed
Making my eyes go red.
Lying and crying on my bed;
My love is plenty close to being dead.

My precious time was spent
Writing letters that remain unsent.
I let her reside in my heart for no rent —
Apparently it seems, nothing was ever meant.

I would travel a thousand mile
To see that pretty smile.
As much as it sounds juvenile,
I knew it was worthwhile.

My feelings were far from fake
As it wasn’t love for love sake.
And now this is all I take —
‘Tis but a heartache.


My Mona Lisa

My heart might be playing a game on me.
Of course though, there is no real way to tell for sure.
Never before have I felt such supreme joy.
“Indeed”, my heart added, “she is a real beauty”.

Smiles that can’t be described aptly with words;
Heavenly feels too much of an understatement.
Awestruck I am since my eyes were laid on her
And I still can’t comprehend how lucky I am.

Mornings and she is the first thing on my mind;
Yearning to see her over and over again.

My days don’t feel complete until I can have glance of her.
One of these days, I am gonna tell her what I feel.
Nights crawl like a snail as her thoughts disturb me
And days in a jiffy as my eyes are fixated on her.

‘Love is a silly game’, I used to tell myself.
It was a foolish thing to say, now I know.
Scared of a ‘No’, afraid of a ‘Yes’, because
Angelic and perfect, that’s what she really is.

Long lost love

She packed her bags
And left my heart;
And made it hollow.
It’s now filled with sorrow.

Every beautiful thing
Reminds me of her;
Every thing that reminds me
Of her are beautiful too.

My clock ticks so slowly
And I feel so lonely.
Whom to blame?
‘Tis such a shame.

I wish this was a dream
And I jolt awake soon.
Ever heard my midnight scream?
The pain is ‘nough to make me swoon.
This long lost love is such a scare —
Wishing all of it was a nightmare.

Give me a chance

I wish I could tell
Everything that I feel.
Now tell me honey,
Where did I wrong you?

Listen to my heart —
I am telling you why.
Listen to my heart —
Please just don’t say goodbye.
Listen to my heart —
You are my everything.

Give me a chance, dear;
A fighting chance that I can fancy
And you would never ever regret.
Just give me a chance.

I stare at the sky
And count all the stars;
Hoping one of them
Can change your good mind.

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