Ask Ubuntu update for August 2012

Earlier this month, one of our community moderators Marco Ceppi was asking for feedback on how Ask Ubuntu is working for most of the users. The feedback received has been generally positive, suggesting that Ask Ubuntu has been nice and helpful for the general public. Not possible without the kind contributors. Here’s a flower for your generosity:

Top contributors
Following are the top five contributors who have accrued the most reputation points in the month of August.

And this month’s special mention goes to msPeachy for helping the site by improving the posts with her edits:

Hottest questions
Some of the hottest questions for the month of August:

New review system
The new beta review system that has been doing the rounds in other Stack Exchange sites has finally landed in Ask Ubuntu. It promises to make reviewing the posts less painful than ever before. One caveat though: You need at least 2000 reputation to review at the moment.

Ask Ubuntu on Trello
If you already didn’t know, Ask Ubuntu has a Trello board. For those of you who use Trello board to organize your team workflow and want to follow or chip in with the administrative work, feel free to join the Trello board and contribute or collaborate as you see fits.

If you are looking to help, the featured questions should be a good place to start. If you are interested in the site, you can sign up for theĀ newsletter and you will be kept informed of quality questions and answers every week.

In case you are struck and is looking for help on how to use the site, feel free to ask your doubts on the Ask Ubuntu meta or join us in the chat*.

*Requires 20 reputation to participate in the chat.

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