Ask Ubuntu update for July 2012

Ever since the 12.04 release, Ask Ubuntu has done beyond pulling its own weight. With the site receiving almost 180 questions and about 138,000 visits every day, it might be surprising to see the high level of quality maintained in most of the posts but all thanks should go to the community and the moderators who are working tirelessly to get everything in order.

Highlights of this month:

Hottest questions
Some of the hottest questions for the month of July:

Ask Ubuntu on Google Plus
Ask Ubuntu has a fan page on Google +. People who are active on Google + can circle us there and receive regular updates on interesting and useful content on the site. A circle containing all of our splendid community moderators has been created and shared as well. Feel free to circle them and show your support and appreciation. Another circle containing the top users of Ask Ubuntu is in the works and will be shared shortly once we have finished forming the circle.

Second year anniversary
It’s been two years since Ask Ubuntu first entered the private beta on 28-7-2010. The first question to be asked on the website was George Edison’s How to get the “Your battery is broken” message to go away? Since that remarkable day, over 60,000 questions and 85,000 answers have been posted on the site, making Ask Ubuntu one of the most useful repository of collective knowledge regarding Ubuntu. Join us as we celebrate an important milestone in the history of Ask Ubuntu as we continually transform the site into a great source of information for millions of Ubuntu users across the world.

If you are looking to help, the featured questions should be a good place to start. If you are interested in the site, you can sign up for the newsletter and you will be kept informed of quality questions and answers every week.

In case you are struck and is looking for help on how to use the site, feel free to ask your doubts on the Ask Ubuntu meta or join us in the chat*.

*Requires 20 reputation to participate in the chat.


Author: jokerdino

Ubuntu member. Ask Ubuntu moderator.

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