Test Quantal kernels on Precise

Earlier yesterday, before I upgrade to Quantal, I thought I would test Quantal kernels on Precise to help the Ubuntu Kernel team to provide better hardware support for 12.04. Surprisingly, the entire process was as easy as it ever can be.

I’ll just leave them in point form here. So, if anyone wants to test them, they know what exactly to do.

  • Check the Wiki page for kernel testing.
  • Download the script from the wiki page. Check the modules that you should be testing for.
  • Install the Quantal kernels as per the instructions¬†provided.
  • Add yourself under each relevant kernel module on the Wiki page.
  • Boot into Quantal kernels. Check whether all the hardware is working fine. You can follow the basic instructions provided to guide you on testing.
  • If there are issues, report bugs on Launchpad. If there aren’t any, then report on the QA tracker accordingly.
  • Now pat yourself on your back. You have done the Kernel team a favour.

Author: jokerdino

Ubuntu member. Ask Ubuntu moderator.

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