My thoughts about dropping Unity-2D

While the idea of not having to split resources to develop two different desktop environment is welcome, I have my own reservations regarding this interesting development.

One important issue is the energy consumption. Unity-2D was a smarter choice when you are working on battery as it allows you to use your laptop for much longer period than Unity. I can’t quite tell if you are to blame Unity or Compiz for that but whichever it is, there should definitely be improvements on this part as considerable number of us use Ubuntu on our portable devices.

Also, Unity-2D has been way more responsive than Unity. While I can hope that the newer Unity versions improve on this matter, I was conveniently using Unity-2D until that actually happens. Now that the development on Unity-2D is going to be dropped, let’s just wish Unity stops being as resource intensive as it currently is.

That brings me to the next point. Accessibility has been broken in Unity for quite some time. I was quite happy that accessibility has not been neglected in Unity-2D, but since it has to go away now, I hope this no longer gives the Unity devs an excuse to neglect accessibility for one more cycle.

For all its worth, I hope the idea of dropping Unity-2D is given much thought and strongly discussed before anything actually happens. But, it seems we are well past that stage, leaving us with only one option: hope Unity can deliver.


Author: jokerdino

Ubuntu member. Ask Ubuntu moderator.

4 thoughts on “My thoughts about dropping Unity-2D”

  1. Let us hope so. Unity was delivered before it was ready. Agreed that it is stable and better now, but we had gained a lot of opposition for that. All we can hope is, dropping Unity 2D will not trigger a similar reaction.

    1. The decision to drop Unity-2D has already been taken. Not much of a reaction so far. It would stay the same if Unity manage to perform to the expectations.

  2. now everyone will conveniently move to some other window manager. I did. everyone around me did. linus did.

    i still run gnome3-fallback in one box because i’m packaging some debian-sid stuff and i want to have a ‘common’ desktop to test. but everytime i update that system some setting i had before goes to hell. every. single. time.

    today was keyboard settings that were working perfectly one revision before.

    gnome needs regression testing. badly.

    1. Well yes. GNOME has been breaking my keyboard shortcuts quite often these days. Part of the reason is because they haven’t fully switched from gconf to dconf creating compatibility issues. For that matter, Ubuntu Unity hasn’t switched to dconf for shortcuts either. Given all these issues, we can be quite assured it is only possible for the GNOME devs to only improve from here on. Almost impossible to make things worse. 😉

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