Ask Ubuntu update for June 2012

After the 12.04 release madness, the site’s traffic has gone down a bit. Nonetheless, we are still getting a considerable number of quality questions and answers every day. Lots of things are happening behind the scenes in Ask Ubuntu. Of which the following are noteworthy 🙂

Hottest questions
Some of the hottest questions for the month of June:

Ask Ubuntu on Twitter
Most regular users of Ask Ubuntu would have already known that Ask Ubuntu is on Twitter. Until recently, this account was using the handle @stackubuntu. Now that we have the Twitter handle @askubuntu, Ask Ubuntu account on Twitter has been renamed to @askubuntu. This Twitter account tweets interesting questions and answers, questions that are bountied and important community discussions. So, if you are on Twitter, please do follow @askubuntu and keep yourselves up to date with the interesting content in our site.

Ubuntu Accomplishments System
Ask Ubuntu badges are now available as opportunities in Ubuntu Accomplishments system. Work has been put in to sufficiently document several of the badges but we still have considerable number of badges to be documented. If you are interested in documenting them, check the list of badges that are already completed and finish off those that are not.

If you are looking to help, the featured questions should be a good place to start. If you are interested in the site, you can sign up for the newsletter and you will be kept informed of quality questions and answers every week.

In case you are struck and is looking for help on how to use the site, feel free to ask your doubts on the Ask Ubuntu meta or join us in the chat*.

*Requires 20 reputation to participate in the chat.

Celebrating first anniversary of using Ubuntu

It’s been exactly a year since I really started using Ubuntu. Yesterday, as I was going through my tweets over the last year or so, I came across this tweet:

That was the time I really started to try out Ubuntu. It is a pleasant surprise that I stuck to using it since then. The first year of me using Ubuntu has been splendid and one of the main reasons for that has to be the awesome community. The community has been wonderful and it made me feel that everyone can contribute in their own unique way and that made me feel special in spite of the differences amongst us.

During the first year, I have had a lot of fun while translating strings to Tamil, answering questions on Ask Ubuntu, writing articles for the community blog and many more other fun activities. I have had tried out packaging, fixing string-size bugs, syncing packages from upstream, report and triage bugs and even test development release for a significant amount of time.

If I were given a choice between the various operating system right now, I would choose Ubuntu hands down. And, I would continue to use it as long as the project stays alive. Many thanks to sabdfl for starting this wonderful project and many more thanks to everyone who has contributed to Ubuntu in their own way making Ubuntu a better software for others to use.

My thoughts about dropping Unity-2D

While the idea of not having to split resources to develop two different desktop environment is welcome, I have my own reservations regarding this interesting development.

One important issue is the energy consumption. Unity-2D was a smarter choice when you are working on battery as it allows you to use your laptop for much longer period than Unity. I can’t quite tell if you are to blame Unity or Compiz for that but whichever it is, there should definitely be improvements on this part as considerable number of us use Ubuntu on our portable devices.

Also, Unity-2D has been way more responsive than Unity. While I can hope that the newer Unity versions improve on this matter, I was conveniently using Unity-2D until that actually happens. Now that the development on Unity-2D is going to be dropped, let’s just wish Unity stops being as resource intensive as it currently is.

That brings me to the next point. Accessibility has been broken in Unity for quite some time. I was quite happy that accessibility has not been neglected in Unity-2D, but since it has to go away now, I hope this no longer gives the Unity devs an excuse to neglect accessibility for one more cycle.

For all its worth, I hope the idea of dropping Unity-2D is given much thought and strongly discussed before anything actually happens. But, it seems we are well past that stage, leaving us with only one option: hope Unity can deliver.

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