That win by Manchester City

Warning: Football nonsense by a relative newbie (much less a soccer geek). If you don’t like Football or don’t want to involve yourself in some anti fanboyism, then this post is not for you.

Occasionally, I get an urge to vent my emotions. Regarding a vast range of topics from soccer, academics, open source software, politics to religion, technology, scientific discoveries, etc. But, more often that not, I end up not conveying what I feel. Not this time.

Just some context: this is mainly focused around the EPL match between Manchester City and QPR.

When Zaboleta scored the first goal, you could feel the animosity in the entire stadium.

When Lescott made an error with his header that led to QPR’s first goal, you could see the horror in his face.

When QPR scored the second goal, you could see the tears running down the cheeks of numerous fans.

When time was fast ticking down, you could see several fans praying for a miracle.

When Dzeko headed in the stoppage time equalizer, the fans were still unconvinced they could win the game and the title. But, that goal did instill a slight hope in the hearts of many.

But, when Aguero scored the winner, the whole stadium erupted in joy. Joe Hart was running circles. Mancini was jumping in joy. Aguero himself was running wild. They couldn’t hide the emotions that was in them. They somehow managed to clinch victory from the jaws of defeat. It almost felt impossible to have had happened. “How did that even happen?!”, I wondered.

The crowd at Etihad stadium showed what it meant to them, what the title win for Man City was to them. They could not hide their passion for the club.

Mind you, I am only a Manchester City follower and not an ardent fan of the club. Not much of a reason to like it. Just silly reasons like the anti depressing colour of their shirts and the fact that Tevez joined Manchester City from Man United a couple of years ago. I was saddened when Tevez lost his mind and went on an exile. He was such a wonderful player and it didn’t feel right that he committed such stupid acts.

I don’t know why some of the Man Utd fans are brushing off this title loss. Yes, it was won merely just on goal difference, but Man City did win both the games against Man Utd, with a pretty awesome aggregate of 7-1.

Barely a month ago, Man Utd were comfortably placed with a lead of 8 points at the top of the table. It was clearly Man Utd’s title to lose and no one would know whether they choked or became too cocky. In any case, this title loss, regardless of whether it was on goal difference or not, will serve as a much needed reality check to Man Utd.

This is not one of those senseless posts by a crazy football fan. I, for once, think sports should not be compared to a battle of sorts and it hurts me when people start using abusive language when things go out of hand. Regardless of how passionate you are towards your favourite club, I don’t think it helps your case when you go out and trash talk other clubs.

And, that brings me to one other point. Yes, Man City spent over a billion pounds for a period of four years to win this title. So what? Most of you were mocking when it didn’t win the title even after spending so much of money and now that it did win, you have just changed your stance. Choose one and try to stick with it.

Just to finish off, I am very much happy that Man City won the EPL. Almost all of us will agree that a new champion is only good for the league and hopefully, this competition carries onto the future leagues as well.


Author: jokerdino

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