I am done with my first IB exam!

Thought I would share some good news with you all. For the sake of some much needed context, I am currently in the second year of a two year diploma course of the name International Baccaulaurate Diploma Programme, shortened IBDP. As part of the diploma course, I had to offer Tamil B as one of the subjects and since Tamil B is just an one year course, I got on to take it at the end of the first year as an anticipated subject.

Meaning that, whatever I get as a result of this would be added on to my final grades at the end of the diploma course (that is if I managed to clear all the passing criteria). Basically, I was just hoping that I would manage to get the maximum 7 points that are on offer and luckily, I was able to get exactly that. That means, I would have to worry about one less subject this year and that can never be bad, just to let you know.

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