An open letter to my dear roommate(s)!

Dear roommate(s) for the past two years,

Thanks for being so awesome. I have never expected in the wildest of dreams to have such caring, friendly and lovely roommate(s) like you. I really appreciated it whenever you made sure I don’t fall asleep by banging the door close so loud that I woke up from the deepest slumber I could muster in spite of the stressful and taxing life we all go through during our high school academic life. I also liked how you showcased your music performance skills by happily playing your electric guitar with the amplifier just short of full blast. Regardless of whether I am busy with my work or I am sleeping. And whenever you played those favourite songs of yours (whether they are actually good or not is another story) loud on the laptop speaker, I only thought you were too busy or poor to buy yourself a headphone and use it. To round-up, I was simply mesmerized by most, if not all, of your antics.

Sorry for the excessive sarcasm. I know you don’t like me and because of that, I didn’t feel obliged to like you either. But, that never forced me into hating you either. I don’t know how you managed to miss that part out. May be (pure speculation), you never developed the art of thinking critically. If that speculation is actually true, that would explain most of your kindergarten kid-like behaviour!

When you complained to the hall mistress about me last time, I kept quiet expecting the overly pampered kid will eventually be catapulted to the reality. But, you continued to disappoint me and refused to grow up. With you wearing your arrogance like those Prada sunglasses, I had no other choice but to make it a point by writing this blog post. Day-by-day, my usually pretty tolerant self started to lose its temper and I just couldn’t take your nonsense anymore. Even when your insults drove me to depression, I still made sure that I held back my tongue. After all, I thought, if I were to do to you what you did (and still doing) to me, there won’t be any difference between you and me. But, telling you that you should be ashamed of your deeds is like throwing a small pebble in one of the thousand waves of a mighty ocean. In other words, it is not worthy of the effort. So, I shall stop short of that.

Only time will tell, if we would ever meet up again in the future. But, I am not really sure if you might have learnt the hard truth that you are yet to grow up to meet the several outlying and cruelly excruciating lessons of life. Many thanks to you, I did learn those lessons and probably the only best thing you managed to provide me. Some day, you should learn those lessons too. Who knows, they might be really helpful in the future.

And, since you did take your creative license loosely to paint me as a villain among your friends, something which I really wasn’t, I understand that I too can do the same. So, don’t get mad. You do know that most of the things said above are hard truth.


Author: jokerdino

Ubuntu member. Ask Ubuntu moderator.

2 thoughts on “An open letter to my dear roommate(s)!”

  1. I don’t know much about your roommates, but I appreciate your attitude and manner. I can’t understand yet, what makes them feel (the feelings they feel) to you. I only guess that, they thought you are too high to be reached. I’m not sure.

    1. Most of the issues were really petty and silly actually (Like not turning on the air-conditioner on time and using computer very often (I know that sounds even sillier)). It could have easily been sorted out if he was willing for a dialogue. But, he refused to consider that option and things got out of control. Looking back after almost a year, it partly was my fault to expect others to do things the way you normally do.

      And, you probably solved the last bit of the puzzle. I think he was overreacting whenever I scored more than him academically despite not working as hard as him. May be not really.. but I don’t want to think too much about what is already the past. And thanks for your comment.

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