Ubuntu – pure awesomeness!

I have been using Ubuntu as my primary OS for the past couple of months. Starting from the mid year holidays (June) to be exact. Throughout this stretch of period, it has been a fun-filled and an enriching experience. It would only be appropriate to say that I have learnt to use my computer more efficiently than when I used to use Windows XP or Windows 7 (I never bothered to try Windows Vista by the way). But, of course I will continue to dual boot between Windows 7 and Ubuntu for the foreseeable future.

And, if you already didn’t know, the latest version of Ubuntu was released on 13 October this year. Version number is 11.10 and it has a funky name “Oneiric Ocelot”.  You can grab a copy of this awesome operating system which costs next to nothing from the official website. Or if you don’t feel confident enough to take the plunge, you can check out the browser-based desktop tour, which does a stunning job imitating the operating system inside your web browser, but do note that it is not the real deal.

I can hear some of you asking why should we switch to Ubuntu when Windows XP / Vista / 7 / Mac OS X does the job. Fair enough. But, are you really sure what you actually need? You should actually give Ubuntu a try before concluding anything. That’s what I have learnt from my experience with the digital tools.

So, what makes Ubuntu so awesome? There are just too many of them to be listed down here. Let me highlight some of the major awesomeness of Ubuntu. Many a times, you might have heard people remark that Ubuntu is open-source and that makes it great. While it is hard to deny that, they don’t understand that not everyone is interested in developing software or tweaking their systems to the last bit.

Other than Ubuntu being open-source and free of cost, there are so many other great features that make Ubuntu one of the most used operating systems around the world. In fact, it is the third most used operating system next only to Windows and Mac OS X. Now, let’s move on to the awesome features of Ubuntu.

A default install of Ubuntu includes Ubuntu One client, which lets you store up to 5 GB worth of files, folders, music and what not in your personal cloud for free. What is more impressive is that Ubuntu One is also supported in Windows and Android, so you can happily sync your documents across your computers and mobile devices. A sidekick of that awesome feature is One-Conf which lets you sync installed applications across all Ubuntu-installed computers you use. So, you don’t have to set up every other computer from scratch.

One other thing that might miss the attention of many Ubuntu users is that Ubuntu saves the sound settings for each instance. Don’t get it? Let’s say you have your sound muted for your speaker and you plug-in your headphones. And then, you turn on the sound to listen to music through your headphone. And then, you remove your headphone. Now, you don’t have to mute your sound again as Ubuntu automatically loads your last saved sound setting when you don’t have your headphones plugged in. And when you plug-in your headphones again, it goes back to the previous sound setting when you had your headphones plugged in. Cool right?

Last, but not the least. I wouldn’t be wrong if I said Ubuntu software center is the killer feature of Ubuntu that none of the other current operating systems have, giving Ubuntu a heads up. It pretty much works like Apple’s App Store, giving a quick access to all the available applications for Ubuntu desktop. So, if you are looking for some role-playing games or a mind-mapping software to use in Ubuntu, you know where to look for.

Definitely, these are not the only awesome features of Ubuntu. There are at least a bazillion more great items in Ubuntu but I have just focused on a very limited few. You should give Ubuntu a try to feel and know what I am actually talking about.

And on a side note, I thought it would be only fair to contribute back to Ubuntu and its vibrant community. Hence, I decided to be a part of Ubuntu’s translating team and I am currently translating Ubuntu OS to Tamil. If you want to contribute to Ubuntu, be informed that it is absolutely easy to chip in and the level of satisfaction you get is way worth the effort you put in. After all, Ubuntu’s motto used to be “Linux for Human beings”.


Author: jokerdino

Ubuntu member. Ask Ubuntu moderator.

2 thoughts on “Ubuntu – pure awesomeness!”

  1. Hae. Been using ubuntu for just over a year now and I totally, like 101% agree with you. Ubuntu is just super awesome.

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