What really happened on my birthday?

So, if you had read my other post about the unsurprising part of my birthday, you might want to check this post about the cool thing that actually happened to happen on my birthday.

OK. I am just kidding. There wasn’t any cool thing that happened. But it was, at the very least, an interesting development that I never saw it coming.

It wasn’t the best day as I had exam on the day and I had another one to come the following day as well, which made sure that I was kept busy throughout the day. But, something was to happen, which managed to brighten the rest of the day that was remaining.

My senior Aravindh and my junior Vinith called me out of my hall and I wasn’t too sure what was about to happen. Surely, it can’t be something too surprising I thought. When I just got out of my hall, they were standing with a big grin in their faces. With a mysterious gift box in their hands. As none of us were really interested in building up the suspense and hence, they handed me that mysterious gift box and a birthday card. I have to note that the gift box was well wrapped and packaged! Inside the gift box was a nice little porcelain cup with the words ‘Happy birthday’ and a lot of other colourful candles painted on it. And the birthday card was really brimming with advice. I wish I can share those advices but they weren’t jotted down in English and I am just too lazy to translate it.

Who wouldn’t stop smiling when they get such an awesome gift on their birthday?

I can only wish that by next year, my birthday would be equally awesome, if not more and something really interesting and impressive to look forward to and cherish just like this year.

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