Exams are coming!

That time of the year, where exams get people crazy. Not just students, but the teachers and parents too. Anyway, within two weeks, my final year exams would have commenced. I am fretting over the exams like never before. Two major reasons: This is my promos and I haven’t adequately prepared for it. I know I should have, but I didn’t. I just hope I don’t make a royal mess in the exams and everything goes fine. I know I should be spending my time preparing for the exams right now. But, it doesn’t hurt to waste a couple more minutes. Or hours. Heh. :/

And I have lots of things planned in my mind that I want to do after the exams. But, the problem is I have to finish off the exams before that. That is the bummer. I will post some more updates after the exams. Keeping my fingers crossed until then.

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