Say ‘No’ to black money

I know it has been a while since I last updated my blog. I have been pretty busy lately and it doesn’t look like it is going to get any better anytime soon.

But, anyway, I have some good news to share. I am proud to tell you that I have become a part of an ongoing battle against corruption in India. My overall contribution to the entire issue may be minuscule at this point but I doubt it is going to be short of being significant in the near future. Currently, I have been made an admin of this Facebook group, which is working towards bringing back all of the black money suspected to be secretly stashed in Swiss banks by several corrupted Indian politicians and other big shots.

Swiss banks are notoriously known for being highly secure and confidential about its beneficiaries and it has been suspected that at least a trillion dollars worth of black money is deposited in these banks. So, the main motive of the above-mentioned Facebook group is to bring back black money back to India to benefit the poor and the needy Indian citizens. To achieve that, the group needs a lot more support than what it currently does and apparently, every movement  grows one person at a time and it shall hopefully start with you now.If you would like to lend your support to the issue in hand, you can do so by ‘liking’ this Facebook page.

Alternatively, for people who are more into interaction and such, you can join the Facebook group and continue to show your support and encouragement. I assure you the community is largely amiable and very well mannered. For your relief, the group is well policed and strictly maintained to ensure safety and security for the larger audience, which includes but not limited to children below the age of 18.

Hope you will enjoy your time as part of the thriving community.


Author: jokerdino

Ubuntu member. Ask Ubuntu moderator.

One thought on “Say ‘No’ to black money”

  1. Indian Government must be bring back black money in India. Because, All the black money are the National Property.That's all. If the government will not support to bring back all black money, We must be change the Indian Government. In any way, All black money must be bring back by India.

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