Username – explained!


As you all know by now, my username is Jokerdino. And many of you would have wondered what is the significance of the username or how is it related to me. So, I thought why not I should try to explain that significance with my readers. This is particularly not common about the general blogger community, who either (usually) not have any relevance to their username or tend not to explain that relevance. Hence, I decided I should try to do something different and will happily share with you the story (or whatever you want to call it as).

This is luckily not very long but rather simple to comprehend and hopefully you will be able to relate it well. You could split my username to two parts, namely Joker and Dino. Here goes the explanation:

Joker is related to Barney Stinson – a fictional character played by Neil Patrick Harris in the famous sitcom How I met your mother, which apparently has just managed to drag themselves into a pitiful case of boredom and immense lack of creativity through the production of many more seasons, which just didn’t suit well with their partisans of initial couple of seasons. As many of you would have been familiar, Barney Stinson is a comedian of all sorts and predictably, I chose to represent him through the ‘joker’.

Dino, on the other hand, is about Barney the purple dinosaur, apparently is one of the children’s favourite cartoon character (though I have no idea why). If you already didn’t know about this, my name (you can check out my profile! sounds strikingly similar to Barney. Unsurprisingly, I decided to honour (!) those great fictional characters and I thought my username would be the best possible way to achieve that. Hence my username!

This might not be the best post I ever wrote, but this could fill up the void piling up in my blog. Until then!


Author: jokerdino

Ubuntu member. Ask Ubuntu moderator.

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