Broken screen: Mystery solved

Why my blog has been relatively quiet around a while ago can possibly be explained by this rather interesting development. I hope you will have a good read and like the incident or would I have to say accident.

One great event in the month of May other than the trip to Nepal, which was covered in an earlier blog post, is the wrecking of my laptop screen. The string of events leading to this disaster might not be very eventful. Nevertheless, it is amusing. At least to me. Let me narrate the events on that dreadful night:

I had my laptop in the study room, which is two floors below my room. I went to collect my clothes from the laundry, which is in the same level as the study room and I would say it is a quite huge pile of clothes. I am sure by now, most of you would have a mild idea of what would have possibly happened after this. Anyway, I was pretty lazy that night and I decided to carry both the mount of clothes and the laptop in a single go. That is not the best part. Something very crucial and important did not strike me that night. That I am going to break the laptop screen. I put my mouse on the keyboard and partially closed the lid. So, that means the mouse is in between the keyboard and the screen. Over which I am going to place the huge pile of clothes and carry it to my room which is two floors above. During which I heard a slight cracking sound and I thought it was the mouse getting crushed by the heavy clothes mount.

So, I took my time to remove the mouse from in between the lid and the keyboard thinking the mouse probably got cracked somewhere. Just when I reached my room and flipped open the lid did I realize the calamity that has just struck me. I realized what a stupid blunder I have just committed. I knew it is going to cost me a couple of hundreds of dollars to fix the broken screen and I really needed a laptop to finish off all my homeworks and assignments for the next week. It was a crucial week in school curriculum actually. Somehow, I managed to last that whole week. I am still not sure how it actually went. Borrowing laptops from friends and using public computers. It was rather tedious but I didn’t have any choice.

The all famous broken screen

It is not like the laptop is totally useless after the screen was broken. I could still use a quarter of the screen albeit in inverted colours. Though the colour-bleached screen was very hard on my eyes. Eventually I got my laptop screen replaced, but only after shelling out a good lump of money. That too only after almost an entire month.

The working quarter filled with Google Chrome browser.



Username – explained!


As you all know by now, my username is Jokerdino. And many of you would have wondered what is the significance of the username or how is it related to me. So, I thought why not I should try to explain that significance with my readers. This is particularly not common about the general blogger community, who either (usually) not have any relevance to their username or tend not to explain that relevance. Hence, I decided I should try to do something different and will happily share with you the story (or whatever you want to call it as).

This is luckily not very long but rather simple to comprehend and hopefully you will be able to relate it well. You could split my username to two parts, namely Joker and Dino. Here goes the explanation:

Joker is related to Barney Stinson – a fictional character played by Neil Patrick Harris in the famous sitcom How I met your mother, which apparently has just managed to drag themselves into a pitiful case of boredom and immense lack of creativity through the production of many more seasons, which just didn’t suit well with their partisans of initial couple of seasons. As many of you would have been familiar, Barney Stinson is a comedian of all sorts and predictably, I chose to represent him through the ‘joker’.

Dino, on the other hand, is about Barney the purple dinosaur, apparently is one of the children’s favourite cartoon character (though I have no idea why). If you already didn’t know about this, my name (you can check out my profile! sounds strikingly similar to Barney. Unsurprisingly, I decided to honour (!) those great fictional characters and I thought my username would be the best possible way to achieve that. Hence my username!

This might not be the best post I ever wrote, but this could fill up the void piling up in my blog. Until then!

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