It is not about her!

I am not talking about her, even though she almost never fails to impress me with her words and actions; although she always occupies all my thoughts; even when she deserves a permanent place in my heart; never mind that she actually captivated me at the first sight; regardless of the fact that she bamboozled me whenever I walked past her; who always attracts my attention despite all the distractions, just like two unlike magnetic poles attracted to each other or similar to a butterfly dancing in joy at the sight of a beautiful flower; who I always wish was around me whenever I feel lonely; who I wish motivates me and gets me going whenever I am down and out.

I am not describing her, who would be eternity if beauty was time; who would be infinity if life was just numbers. I am definitely not talking about her because she unfortunately never exists in reality. This is the best I can use hyperbole and exaggeration as of now due to time and resource constraints.

[Disclaimer: The character I am referring to in my blog post is purely imaginary and any coincidence with any living or dead is totally unintentional]


Author: jokerdino

Ubuntu member. Ask Ubuntu moderator.

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