That one term – Procrastination

Procrastination. One thing no one would like to have. Or at least wish not to have. It is something more than just slacking around and wasting your time doing nothing. I believe it is way deeper than that and all we know so far is just simply superficial. This is because, on a closer examination, no one would ever want to intentionally waste his time with less or no productivity at all. It might be the circumstances, or the distractions you might think. Using peculiar terms dealing with personality, the person’s sociology and psychology has a good deal in determining his chance of not using his time productively.

Through productive usage of time, I try to focus on performing activities which supposedly occupy the highest priority of that person. On an ever-shrinking world, where time efficiency is highly guarded and hailed in all parts of the world, understanding human nature becomes an important necessity to great commercial successes of various firms. One need not have to do extensive research to understand that part!

So, I suggest a great way to deal with procrastination (or whatever word you want to refer to it, if you are uncomfortable calling it that way as you realize it morally pricks you for letting yourself down real bad), is to understand your own ambitions, interests and try to spend some precious little time with your inner self. If you can’t work yourself out, I doubt no one ever will be able to. For, there is no other way to compete with the outside world, if you can’t compete with yourself.


The blogger’s day

I always thought I should not waste my time on writing a blog for myself. And I thought since I have a Twitter, which itself is a micro-blog, I don’t really require a blog. Contrary to my before-thoughts, having a Twitter has apparently accelerated my decision to blog. So, I officially welcome myself to the blogging community. I will try my best not to concentrate on one particular theme in this blog but to discuss most general things that happen to me on a day-to-day basis.

So, this initial blog would deal with my immediate cause of starting a blog. Writing about all of the causes can be easily deemed as exhaustive, counterproductive and rather time consuming. So, we shall just involve about the most immediate cause.

An article in Strait Times just enlightened me about the excitement involved in blogging — the end result is this blog. Moreover, some of my friends has been begging me for a while to have a blog. And a good number of real life friends have a blog and they are pretty fine with it. So, I thought I should get some experience in having a blog so I would have far more experience on how to make a rousing ‘auto-biography’.

Have fun reading my future blogs and reflecting on it!

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